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Garage Nerds Weekly Podcast – Episode 6

In this weeks episode we discuss the new 6th Generation intel rumours, the end of Onlive, a smart bag, a brand new Maclaren and YouTube being seconds from complete chaos! All this and much more!   Show Notes:   -6th gen intel rumors nicknamed skylake small performance increase ~ 5% better power management improved on chip […]

Garage Nerds Weekly Podcast – Episode 5

In this weeks episode the guys discuss the new Mercedes F 015 Luxury, the lack of Top Gear again this week, the prospect of Family Guy’s ITV takeover and Tim Cook’s fortune going to charity! As well as that we have plenty of stories thrown in for good measure! Be sure to check out the podcast […]

Garage Nerds Weekly Podcast – Episode 4

This week the guys discuss Microsoft’s plans to combat piracy for windows 10 pirates, the new AMD390X and Star Wars Battlefront! As well as this they also talk about their going’s on this week and plenty of other topics. Be sure to check out the podcast on iTunes And check out Garage Nerds on YouTube for all our […]

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