Garage Nerds Weekly Podcast – Episode 6

In this weeks episode we discuss the new 6th Generation intel rumours, the end of Onlive, a smart bag, a brand new Maclaren and YouTube being seconds from complete chaos! All this and much more!


Show Notes:


-6th gen intel rumors

nicknamed skylake

small performance increase ~ 5%

better power management

improved on chip graphics – light gaming, civ, league etc

due summer 2015


-Onlive shutting down

Sony buying leftovers


-Smart Bag, more useful than a smart watch?




-Microsoft Windows, open source?


-Top Gear on Netflix

Reddit/TopGear Slamming netflix customer service with requests


-1000fps 4k drone camera

Phantom flex (slomo guys)

Aerigon (airy-gone) drone boosted to 14kg lifting capacity

£100,000 total

Land Rovers on a stormy day – muddy puddles – perfection


-McLaren 570s

longer and wider than a 650s – more luggage space (Shmee150 eurotour ref)

easier to get in and out of

better aerodynamics – more downforce

around £150k – £50k cheaper than 650s

3.2 seconds to 62

still has a 3.8L V8 – 560bhp

over 200 mph


-BMW to make plug in hybrid versions of all Supcoming models

Expanding from just 3 and 5 series


-Anker phone case/glass screen protectors



-Youtube seconds from total wipeout

Youtube’s payed hacker department

6-7 hours of research

1:30 to to remove any video

rewarded $5000

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