Garage Nerds Weekly Podcast – Episode 9

In This weeks podcast the guys sit down and discuss the new Apple Watch Teardown, Apple’s new folding pin charger, rumblings of a secret Top Gear related meeting, a new McLaren, Audi & DHL’s new “Direct Delivery” and much much more!

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Show Notes:


Apple watch teardown

Battery vast proportion of the space, still poor life

However does look easier to get to and potentially replace than expected


Apple UK charger with folding pins

Does what it says on the tin

Folding looks awesome

£25, available now


Mclaren 540


Key Points:

  • 3.8ltr V8
  • 533 BHP & 398lb torque



Top Gear Producer Secret meeting!


Andy Wilman has left TopGear, combined with James May resigning, could this mean we’re about to see a new ‘Top Gear’ type show with the gang back together?!


Audi direct delivery!



Lightroom 6

2 photo HDR from RAW images

Panorama Stitching in app

Brush to control filters

Many of the facial recognition features from Apple’s software, probably won’t play nice


Wireless Charging experiences

Alex discusses his experience with the recently purchased Ikea lamp with wireless charging capability!


Exciting Apple Watch Apps


Fitness app offering exercise timings, instructions, sets and reps etc


Remote control for the Djay iPhone/iPad app


Auto mix





Galaxy S6 reviews out

Gorilla glass front and back

Ridiculously good camera



Steam mods? MONEYZ!?

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